Third Week Part I - Roadshow Project - Malang

Hi Everybody !

This post about my third week activity in Malang. The goal of our roadshow is not only to survey how many school which have implemented Java or JENI, but also we introduce one of Meruvian program named jTechnopreneur. jTechnopreneur or Java Technopreneur is a technopreneurship program to create an entrepreneur base on technology. By this program we expect every graduate have a high entrepreneur soul to compete in global market.

jTechnopreneur contains of 4 program in one packet that called jTechnopreneur 4 in 1. They’re Internship, Scholarship, Career Opportunity and Technopreneurship. Second grade of vocational high school student will be an internship student in Meruvian for 1 year then after they graduate they will be recruited to work in Meruvian and at the same time they get a scholarship 100% free in Gunadarma University

Not only the teachers or students, but also the parent of students have to know the program. So we invited the parent and introduced about this jTechnopreneur program


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