Second Week - Roadshow Project - Malang

Hi all !

This’s my second week roadshow project in Malang. During this week me and Mila visited 32 vocational high school around Malang to know how many school which have taught Java to students of Software Engineering majors and how many school which have implemented JENI (Java Education Network Indonesia) as the curriculum of  Software Engineering majors.

We visited them by motorcycle one by one. In every school we met with the head of majoring in Software Engineering and asked him/her with some questions such as :

1. Do you know Java ?

2. How long you have known Java ?

3. Do Java material have been taught to students of Software Engineering majors?

4. How many Java teacher in this school?

5. Do you know JENI (Java Education Network Indonesia) ?

6. Is this school implement JENI  as the curriculum of  Software Engineering majors ?

7. How long JENI have implemented in this school?

From the questions, we got various answer from every vocational high school, some school said they knew Java but not implemented yet JENI as the curriculum of  Software Engineering majors and the other said they have given Java as a subject in the class of Software Engineering student but with their own curriculum.

On this roadshow, we also found a school which want to know Java programming but they have no Java teacher. The school name was SMK PGRI 02 Malang. So, me and Mila gave them one day full Java training. It’s free or no charge.

We gave Java OOP training to about 25 students and they were so excited because Java was a something new for them.

To add their motivation in learning Java, i gave Oracle Java Magazine postcards as the reward for the fastest who could solved the case study from me

At the end of the class, we took a photo together


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