First Week - Roadshow Project - Malang

Hi Everyone !

Starting from the first October to the end October, me and Mila doing a roadshow project in Malang city, East Java - Indonesia. The goal of this roadshow is we want to know how many vocational high school in Malang which have taught Java to students of software engineering majors, and how many school which have implemented JENI (Java Education Network Indonesia) as the curriculum of  Software Engineering majors . If there’s a school which never know Java, we’ll give them one day full Java training and it’s free or no charge.

JENI is an integratif service for Indonesian students who want to learn and develop Java based solution. JENI project implements JEDI as the basis  of curriculum implementation but with the newest Java technology. JENI declared by the Ministry of National Education, supported by Indonesia Go Open Source (IGOS) and JUG (Java User Group) Indonesia.

I’ve been here since two weeks ago, but on this post i show you my first week activity in Malang. A week ago i gave Java OOP training to the first grade student of SMK PGRI 3 Malang. I taught 3 classes of software engineering students. They were 1 RPL A, 1 RPL B and 1 RPL C.

Picture 1, They gave attention to the slide show

On the first meeting I taught 1 RPL C. I introduced them the basic of Java programming and the concept of OOP (Object Oriented Programming). We started at 7 A.M until 3 P.M . I tried to make the class atmosphere to be more interesting and fun so I gave Oracle Java Magazine postcards as a reward for the student who could solved the case study or the task that I gave it to them. So they had more motivation and wouldn’t felt bored because they learnt Java for 8 hours.

Picture 2, One of 1-RPL-C student got an Oracle Java Magazine postcard

At the end of the class, we took a photo together

Picture 3, Me and all 1-RPL-C students

Next day, I taught Java OOP to 1-RPL-A students

Picture 4, They tried to solve the case study

The class atmosphere also felt more interesting when i gave Oracle Java Magazine postcards as the reward. They would finished the case study or task from me as soon as possible to get the postcards

Picture 5, Some of 1-RPL-A students got the Oracle Java Magazine postcards

Picture 6, me and all 1-RPL-A student

Our last meeting I gave Java OOP training to 1-RPL-B students

Picture 7, me and all 1-RPL-B student


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